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Stainless Steel Back-to-Back Wide Paddle Latch Key Locking SS-3-2630-W

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Product Features

3-2630-W Series: Stainless Back-to-Back Wide Paddle Latch Key Locking

Our stainless back-to-back wide paddle latch is used in emergency vehicles or trucks when a reliable latching mechanism is needed along with the ability to open from inside or outside. For use on vehicle personnel doors where back-to-back mounting is desirable. Rotary Latches and linkages are available upon request.

This latch along with other Cleveland Hardware’s Stainless Steel Paddle Latches are suitable for those applications that require remote actuation. This latch meets FMVSS #20 strength specification; and used in conjunction with our Rotary Latches that meet FMVSS #206 strength specifications, a wide variety of emergency vehicle or truck cab doors can be opened. Additional designs can be set up with Cleveland Hardware’s End Box or Rotary Latch for compartment doors, enclosures and cabinets.

Cleveland Hardware is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means that they do third party quality testing and have management practices that conform to the ISO 9000 series seven quality management principles (QMP). 

If you need a different version of this item, then use the online Custom Order form (25 units minimum, 1-2 weeks for production). In addition to stainless steel, this latch is available in zinc-coated and powder-coated versions.

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